Pro tips  //  How To Run A Beginner's Jam

I’ve covered how level 4 and 5’s will be able to host killer jams with the mere clicks of a few buttons, but now I want to address how beginners can use this site. 

1.     Describe yourself and your musical goals on your profile. For beginners who want to jam with other beginners, use the search to find jammers with similar tastes in music. 

2.     Search for like-minded jam buddies. Communicate with them on before you meet up.  Share videos on your profiles.

3.     Agree on a song or two that you will learn before the jam. I recommend starting with two-chord songs. I like “Feeling Alright” by Dave Mason, but if that is not in your era, you might ask on a forum for some two-chord songs in the style you like.

4.     Two chord songs will get you started on chord forms, strumming, moving between chords, counting, and timing.

5.     Trying to play even a simple song along with another musician will be fun, and in the process, you will share many little tidbits, and you will each learn something. 

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