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This site targets three types of musicians:

(1) Accomplished musicians who can successfully play with others, but don’t;

(2) Beginners/intermediate musicians who want to play with others, possibly to become accomplished musicians, because playing with others is a great joy,

(3) Accomplished musicians who want to jam out (play in a public venue).


Accomplished musicians. There are many accomplished musicians who don’t play with others because they don’t have enough time, or won’t tolerate the complications of playing with someone else. It is not easy to find compatible musical partners; sites for musicians seeking musicians are usually for people who desire to start a band, eventually to be paid to play. Many accomplished musicians do not want to start a band. Many have experience with bands and realize that those demands are not compatible with their current situation, and therefore, do not jam with others.   Even when people share the same goals, it is difficult to establish a symbiotic relationship. This site is designed to make searching easier, the connections more compatible, and coordinating jams as simple as possible.

Accomplished musicians know the pleasure of jamming with others, and would like to experience that joy without the associated commitments. This tool will allow you to find musicians of similar skill levels and musical tastes, and easily arrange jams, without the commitments.

Beginner/intermediate musicians. Although this tool is useful to every level of musician, one target audience is people who want to play an instrument, who have an instrument but aren’t proficient yet, who want to sing, who want to make a joyous sound, but aren’t sure of the process to participate in a jam.

This site will allow you to search for compatible musicians, help you connect, tell you how to organize and run a jam, and provide you with tools to learn and grow, individually and with your jam mates.

Accomplished musicians who want to jam out. This site will allow you to find public jams, see the style of music, how the jam is coordinated, and sign up if it is not an old school jam.

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