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JammingOut.net is a site for musicians to find, meet, and coordinate with other musicians in a specific location, with similar musical tastes and skill levels. It is meant to solve many of the problems musicians face.

Many musicians want to collaborate with other musicians but it is difficult to find people with similar musical tastes and talent. For more accomplished musicians, it is difficult to find places to play together (especially where your friends can watch you).

You can try playing at a “jam” (also known as “open mic” or “open microphone” events), but there are many unknowns at jams. You don’t know IF you will play at all, WHEN you will be up, WHO you will be playing with, or WHAT you will be playing. JammingOut.net solves all these problems.

You can be assured that you will play at an appointed time, and you will know who you are playing with and what songs they intend to play.

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