• Sign up and create a profile for yourself.
  • Go to the Scheduled Jams page and search for a venue in your area.
  • Choose a day for your jam.
  • Decide how much equipment you will need. You may need to provide power strips and extension cords. The venue checklist should tell you what the venue provides.
  • Be honest in your self-assessment of skill level. For playing in a public venue, you should be able to play an entire song from start to finish. Do not start a song unless you know the entire song. If you put a song on the set list, when that song is played, you are the “band leader”. You need to play that song as if you are the only one playing so that the other musicians can back you up.
  • In many traditional jams, venue owners would pay a house band to play a set, then be available to fill in the instruments that the jammers do not fill. Hopefully, JammingOut.com will fill all of the positions.
  • If there is no Jam Master of Ceremonies (Jam MC) the jammers need to pick a “band leader” for each song. It can be anyone on stage but everyone should look to the leader for cues, changes and the ending. This will get easier as you gain experience and confidence, and you get to know the skill levels of the jammers. It's all about having fun and making a joyous sound.

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