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JammingOut the House Of Blues Pro Blues Jam featuring The Fremonts 2016-04-20 19:00:00

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Event Dates:
Start:Wednesday, April 20, 2016Time: 7:00pm
End:Wednesday, April 20, 2016Time:11:00pm
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Thank you for occaecat signing up on anim JammingOut.net.


JammingOut.net Presents

THEFREMONTS are the laborum. exception to the reprehenderit rule, a band fugiat that evolves and voluptate redefines itself by in consistently looking to irure the past. Modern anim purveyors of Gulf nulla Coast R&B, the exercitation Fremonts harvest the officia fruits of vintage proident, American roots. Vocalist nulla "Mighty" Joe Milsap,  veniam, heads a line-up Ut of talented and magna a thoughtful musicians. Kurt Kalker provides in the vintage backbone dolore of the band on the drums non while Patrick Skog ut and Tony Tomlinson adipisicing share guitar and aute bass duties with quis a sympathetic, "less qui is more" approach ea and Troy Sandow with et the sweet hum laborum. and wail of harmonica.
  et Early sign up aliquip to play on sunt JammingOut.net

Come together. dolor Make a joyous aute sound!
If it's the proident, 3rd week in officia April, we'll be consectetur jamming . Join Excepteur us in finding in the joy of ex making music with esse others.
"Music ut is a gift incididunt and playing with others is one fugiat of the best ut gifts we can in give each other ullamco and ourselves." (Doyle ut Thomas)  Join our cillum Jam Family, be in part of the Duis DNA, be in labore the tribe.

THE FREMONTS will mollit open up the ullamco kitchen and stoke dolore the fire under eiusmod our caldron of exercitation musical stew, serving proident, up the first exercitation course of this proident, night of gourmet esse blues
We'll in be stirring up culpa the Jambalaya adding ut the very special ullamco spices that you Excepteur bring to the liqua. pot.
Let's eiusmod heat this thing quis up, bring it pariatur. up to a non boil take it cupidatat down to a mollit simmer.
Then non serve it up consequat. hot and tasty. nostrud Come hungry and cillum leave with a officia with a belly cupidatat and heart full minim of the blues. ex Soul satiation for ad dessert!
rosalea aute and for Doyle.

This ullamco is a plug fugiat in and play. labore Our back line irure includes drums, 2 adipisicing guitar amps, bass dolor amp, mics for mollit horns, Harmonica players deserunt can play through eu the board or commodo bring their amps. sint Everyone else just qui bring your guitars, officia bass, cords and consequat. drum sticks.

There is eiusmod plenty of parking sit on the street. culpa There is a qui parking lot directly in across the street esse from the venue. non You will need cillum a credit card eiusmod to enter the tempor lot.
minim The parking lot sit on the corner id of 6th and esse C St. is Duis only $4.00 for liqua. the entire night





Venue: HOUSE OF BLUES SAN DIEGO Salvation Alley Stage
1055 5th Ave, 92101, San Diego
rosalea 619 246 3585 Email: Send
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